Function rooms for hire in Northamptonshire

Abington Bowling Club, Northampton

Barratts Snooker Club , Northampton

Boys Brigade Old Boys Rugby Club (BBOB), Northampton

Brackley & District Bowling Club, Brackley

Brackley Cricket Club, Brackley

Brackley Rugby Club, Brackley

Brackley Town Football Club, Brackley

Brafield on the Green Working Mens Club, Northampton

Brampton Heath Golf Centre, Northampton

Britannia Working Mens Club, Kettering

Broughton & Cransley Working Mens Club, Kettering

Bugbrooke Football Club, Northampton

Bugbrooke Rugby Club, Northampton

Burton Latimer Band Club & Institute, Kettering

Burton Latimer Cricket Club, Kettering

Carlsberg Social Club, Northampton

Caseys Club, Daventry

Cheyne Walk Club, Northampton

Cogenhoe Sports & Social Club, Northampton

Cold Ashby Golf Club, Northampton

Collingtree Park Golf Club, Northampton

Corby Conservative Club, Corby

Corby Irish Centre, Corby

Corby Masonic Complex, Corby

Corby Rugby Club, Corby

Corby Silver Band Club, Corby

Corby Social Ex-Servicemens Club, Corby

Corby Town Football Club (Steel Park), Corby

Corby Trades & Labour Club, Corby

Crick Ex-Servicemens Club & Institute, Northampton

Dallington Fitness Leisure & Wellbeing Club, Northampton

Daventry & District Golf Club, Daventry

Daventry Rugby Club, Daventry

Daventry Town Bowls Club (Stefen Hill Sports Centre), Daventry

Daventry Town Football Club, Daventry

Daventry Working Mens Club, Daventry

Delapre Golf Centre, Northampton

Desborough Conservative Club, Kettering

Desborough Indoor Bowls Club, Kettering

Desborough Squash Club & Leisure Centre, Kettering

Desborough Town Football Club, Kettering

Diamond Centre, Wellingborough

Dianas Health & Fitness (Club Diana), Wellingborough

Duston Conservative Club, Northampton

Duston Sports Centre, Northampton

Earls Barton Cricket Club, Northampton

Earls Barton Silver Band Club, Northampton

Earls Barton Working Mens Club, Northampton

East Haddon Cricket Club, Northampton

Elton Furze Golf Club, Peterborough

Far Cotton Working Mens Club (Cotton Club), Northampton

Finedon Dolben Cricket Club, Wellingborough

Finedon Gladstone Working Mens Club, Wellingborough

Finedon Old Band Club, Wellingborough

Glasgow Rangers Supporters Club, Corby

Goals Soccer Centre Northampton, Northampton

Grampian Club, Corby

Grangewood Park Residents Club, Northampton

Great Doddington Club, Wellingborough

Harpole Bowls Club, Northampton

Heyford Athletic Football Club, Northampton

Higham Ferrers Town Band Club, Rushden

Higham Ferrers Working Mens Club, Rushden

Horton House Cricket Club, Northampton

Irchester Bowls Club, Wellingborough

Irchester Sports & Social Club, Wellingborough

Irchester Working Mens Club, Wellingborough

Irthlingborough Band Club, Wellingborough

Irthlingborough Conservative Club, Wellingborough

Irthlingborough Cricket Club, Wellingborough

Isham Cricket Club, Kettering

Islip Working Mens Club, Kettering

John White Golf Club, Rushden

Kettering Athletic Working Mens Club, Kettering

Kettering Golf Club, Kettering

Kettering Masonic Hall, Kettering

Kettering Police Social Club, Kettering

Kettering Rifle Band Club, Kettering

Kettering Rugby & Squash Club, Kettering

Kettering Town Cricket & Sports Club, Kettering

KGH Social Club (BLPS Meeting Venue), Kettering

Kingsley Park Working Mens Club, Northampton

Kingsthorpe Golf Club, Northampton

Lancaster Club, Rushden

Little Harrowden Club, Wellingborough

Lodge Park Sports Centre, Corby

Long Buckby Football Club, Northampton

Mayfield Park Sports & Social Club, Daventry

Midland Band Club, Kettering

Miniature Rifle Club, Kettering

Monks Park Working Mens Club, Northampton

Moulton Magpies Football Club, Northampton

Moulton Working Mens Club, Northampton

Nene Whitewater Centre, Northampton

Northampton Boat Club, Northampton

Northampton Casuals Rugby Club, Northampton

Northampton Conservative Club, Northampton

Northampton County Lawn Tennis Club, Northampton

Northampton Ex-Servicemens Club, Northampton

Northampton Golf Club, Northampton

Northampton Mens Own (Ashton) Rugby Club, Northampton

Northampton Old Scouts Rugby Club, Northampton

Northampton Royal Navy & Royal Marines Association Club, Northampton

Northampton Sailing Club, Northampton

Northampton Saints Rugby Club, Northampton

Northampton Working Mens Club, Northampton

Northamptonshire County Cricket Club, Northampton

Obelisk Centre, Northampton

Old Grammarians Association, Wellingborough

Old Northamptonians, Northampton

Oundle Golf Club, Peterborough

Our Ladys Catholic Club (KK Club), Corby

Podington Cricket Club, Wellingborough

Podington United Services Club, Wellingborough

Potterspury Sports & Social Club, Towcester

Priors Hall Golf Club, Corby

Queens Park Working Mens Club, Northampton

Raunds Town Cricket Club (Pavilion), Wellingborough

Raunds Town Football Club, Wellingborough

Ringstead Village Social Club, Kettering

Roade Bowls Club, Northampton

Rothwell Conservative Club (Tresham Hall), Kettering

Royal British Legion Greens Norton Towcester, Towcester

Rushden and Higham Rugby Club, Rushden

Rushden and Higham United Football Club, Rushden

Rushden Athletic Club, Rushden

Rushden Town Band Club, Rushden

Rushden Town Bowling Club (RTBC), Rushden

Rushden Working Mens Club, Rushden

Silk (Cabaret Club), Wellingborough

Silverstone Circuits, Towcester

Silverstone Recreational Association (Pavilion), Towcester

Spencer Club, Northampton

Spratton Sports & Social Club, Northampton

St Crispins Social Club, Northampton

St James Working Mens Club, Northampton

Stewarts & Lloyds Bowls Club, Corby

Stewarts & Lloyds Rugby Club, Corby

The Gloucester Club, Wellingborough

The Grange Sports & Leisure, Northampton

The Ritz Banqueting & Conference Suites, Kettering

The Viking Club, Corby

The Works 1898 (Wollaston Working Mens Club), Wellingborough

Thrapston Sports Club, Kettering

Thrapston Town Football Club, Kettering

Towcester Conservative Club, Towcester

Towcester Racecourse, Towcester

Towcester Sports & Social Club, Towcester

Towcester Town Football Club, Towcester

Towcestrians Rugby Club, Towcester

United Trades Working Mens Club, Northampton

Vicarage Farm (Gleneagles) Social Club, Wellingborough

Vocal & Instrumental Working Mens Club, Northampton

Weedon Conservative Club, Northampton

Weldon Cricket Club, Corby

Wellingborough Bowling Club, Wellingborough

Wellingborough Golf Club, Wellingborough

Wellingborough Old Grammarians, Wellingborough

Wellingborough Rugby Club, Wellingborough

Wellingborough Town Football Club, Wellingborough

Wellingborough Whitworth Football Club, Wellingborough

Whittlebury Park & Golf Club (Atrium - Orangery), Towcester

Whitworth Sports & Social Club, Wellingborough

Wilby Working Mens Club, Wellingborough

Windmill Club, Rushden

Woodford Halse Social Club, Daventry

Woodford Working Mens Club, Kettering

Wootton Working Mens Club, Northampton

Wotton Working Mens Club, Northampton

Yardley Gobion Recreation Centre, Towcester

Barn Restaurant, Northampton

Bootleggers, Northampton

Brampton Halt, Northampton

Club Caliente, Peterborough

Department of Meat and Social Affairs, Northampton

Dovecote Buttery and Farm, Kettering

Downunder, Northampton

Frio Lounge Bar, Kettering

Georges Cafe, Northampton

Harvester Riverside, Northampton

Home Farm Events, Daventry

Hubs Place, Peterborough

Kennedys (Tower Sports Ground), Wellingborough

Mehfil Hotel, Southall

Miniature Sports Bar & Grill, Kettering

Park House, Kettering

Red Lion, Brackley

Sixfields, Northampton

The Admiral Nelson, Daventry

The Alexandra Arms, Kettering

The Angel Inn, Peterborough

The Artizan, Northampton

The Au-Ra, Northampton

The Auctioneers, Northampton

The Axe & Compass, Kettering

The Bakers Arms, Northampton

The Bantam, Northampton

The Bat & Wickets, Northampton

The Bear, Northampton

The Bear & Beignet, Kettering

The Beehive, Peterborough

The Beeswing, Kettering

The Bell Inn, Brackley

The Billing Mill, Northampton

The Bipin Brook, Northampton

The Black Horse, Northampton

The Black Prince (ex The Racehorse), Northampton

The Black Swan, Peterborough

The Blacksmiths Arms, Spilsby

The Blue Boar, Peterborough

The Boat House, Daventry

The Bold Dragoon, Northampton

The Boston, Northampton

The Botolph Arms, Peterborough

The Brampton Halt, Northampton

The Brave Old Oak, Towcester

The Briars, Kettering

The Bricklayers Arms, Northampton

The Britannia, Northampton

The Britannia, Northampton

The British Arms, Wellingborough

The Bull, Northampton

The Bull, Towcester

The Bull @ Market Deeping, Peterborough

The Bull @ Newborough, Peterborough

The Butchers Arms, Towcester

The Cannon, Wellingborough

The Cardigan Arms, Corby

The Cardigan Arms, Northampton

The Carpenters Arms, Wellingborough

The Carpenters Arms, Daventry

The Carriage House, Rushden

The Cavendish, Peterborough

The Charles Bradlaugh, Northampton

The Chequered Flag, Corby

The Chequers, Northampton

The Church Restaurant, Northampton

The Coach & Horses, Wellingborough

The Coach & Horses, Northampton

The Coach House, Northampton

The Coach House, Spilsby

The Coalheavers Arms, Peterborough

The Cock, Northampton

The Coffee Pot Tavern, Towcester

The College Arms, Peterborough

The Collingtree, Northampton

The Compass, Northampton

The Compasses, Rushden

The Corby Candle, Corby

The Cordwainer, Northampton

The Cordwainer, Kettering

The Countryman, Daventry

The Crab & Winkle, Peterborough

The Crewe Arms, Brackley

The Cromwell, Wellingborough

The Cromwell Cottage, Northampton

The Cross Keys, Peterborough

The Cross Keys, Peterborough

The Cross Keys Inn @ Kings Cliffe, Peterborough

The Cross Roads Hotel, Northampton

The Cross Tree, Daventry

The Crown, Wellingborough

The Crown, Northampton

The Crown & Anchor, Northampton

The Crown & Cushion, Northampton

The Crown Hotel, Brackley

The Crown Inn, Towcester

The Cuckoo, Peterborough

The Cutting Room, Wellingborough

The Deeping Stage, Peterborough

The Deers Leap, Northampton

The Dog and Duck, Wellingborough

The Domino Inn, Corby

The Double Four, Northampton

The Dragon, Peterborough

The Drapers Arms, Peterborough

The Duck & Drake, Peterborough

The Duke Of Edinburgh, Northampton

The Duke of Wellington, Wellingborough

The Duke Of York, Northampton

The Dukes Arms, Kettering

The Dukes Arms (ex Lords Arms), Kettering

The Earl of Dalkeith, Kettering

The Early Doors, Daventry

The Eastcote Arms, Towcester

The Edge of Town (ex The Bird in Hand), Northampton

The Elizabethan, Northampton

The Elwes Arms, Northampton

The Everard Arms, Corby

The Eykyn Arms, Northampton

The Falcon, Peterborough

The Farmers, Peterborough

The Fiddlers Elbow, Wellingborough

The Fitzgerald Arms, Northampton

The Fitzwilliam Arms, Peterborough

The Five Bells, Northampton

The Foresters Arms, Northampton

The Foundrymans Arms, Northampton

The Four Pears, Northampton

The Fox & Hounds, Northampton

The Fox & Hounds, Towcester

The Fox & Hounds, Northampton

The Fox & Hounds, Wellingborough

The Fox & Quill, Northampton

The Frog & Fiddler, Northampton

The Gallery, Northampton

The Gardeners Arms, Northampton

The Generous George (Chequered Flag), Brackley

The George, Kettering

The George, Towcester

The George & Angel, Peterborough

The George & Dragon, Wellingborough

The George & Dragon, Spilsby

The George Hotel, Peterborough

The George Inn, Daventry

The Globe, Wellingborough

The Goat, Peterborough

The Golden Horse, Northampton

The Good Companions, Kettering

The Gordon Arms, Peterborough

The Granary, Peterborough

The Green Dragon, Kettering

The Green Dragon Hotel, Rushden

The Greyhound, Northampton

The Greyhound Inn, Brackley

The Griffin, Northampton

The Griffins Head, Northampton

The Half Moon, Northampton

The Halfway House, Northampton

The Hand & Heart, Peterborough

The Hare, Kettering

The Hare & Hounds, Kettering

The Harpers Brook, Corby

The Harrier, Peterborough

The Hart, Northampton

The Hatton Arms, Corby

The Hazel Tree, Corby

The Headland, Northampton

The Heart Of England, Northampton

The Hero of Aliwal, Peterborough

The Hill, Wellingborough

The Horseshoe, Northampton

The Jeckyll & Hyde, Northampton

The King Billy, Northampton

The King David, Northampton

The Kingfisher, Corby

The Kingfisher, Wellingborough

The Kings Arms, Kettering

The Kings Arms, Peterborough

The Kings Head, Northampton

The Kings Head, Brackley

The Kings Head @ Wadenhoe, Peterborough

The Knightley Arms, Northampton

The Knights Lodge, Corby

The Lamplighter, Northampton

The Lantern, Corby

The Leather Craftsman, Kettering

The Live & Let Live, Northampton

The Locomotive, Wellingborough

The Locomotive Inn, Brackley

The Longboat, Northampton

The Lord Byron, Northampton

The Lumbertubs, Northampton

The Mail Coach, Northampton

The Malt Shovel Tavern, Northampton

The Maltsters, Daventry

The Maltsters Arms, Northampton

The Manor, Brackley

The Masons Arms, Kettering

The Melbourne Arms, Northampton

The Mikado Pheasant, Kettering

The Miller, Wellingborough

The Monk & Minstrel, Kettering

The Monk & Tipster, Towcester

The Narrow Boat at Weedon, Northampton

The Nelson Butt Inn, Spilsby

The New Crown, Peterborough

The New Inn, Northampton

The Old Bank, Northampton

The Old Black Lion, Northampton

The Old Cherry Tree, Northampton

The Old Coach House, Peterborough

The Old Crown, Northampton

The Old Five Bells, Northampton

The Old Friar, Kettering

The Old House At Home, Northampton

The Old Kings Head, Northampton

The Old Plough Inn, Daventry

The Old Talbot, Towcester

The Old White Hart Inn, Northampton

The Olde England, Northampton

The Olde Red Lion, Northampton

The Olde Sun, Northampton

The Olde Victoria, Kettering

The Oliver Twist, Wellingborough

The Ostrich Inn, Peterborough

The Overstone Arms, Kettering

The Overstone Arms, Kettering

The Overstone Manor, Northampton

The Pack Horse, Peterborough

The Palmerston Arms, Peterborough

The Paper Mills, Peterborough

The Paul Pry, Peterborough

The Peacock, Peterborough

The Peacock, Northampton

The Penny Whistle, Northampton

The Peppermill, Daventry

The Phoenix, Corby

The Pickled Pig, Towcester

The Picturedrome, Northampton

The Pike & Eel, Daventry

The Pioneer, Northampton

The Piper, Kettering

The Plough, Brackley

The Plough, Peterborough

The Plough Hotel, Northampton

The Plume of Feathers, Northampton

The Plume Of Feathers, Daventry

The Pomfret Arms, Northampton

The Prince Of Wales, Wellingborough

The Prince of Wales, Kettering

The Prince Of Wales Feathers, Peterborough

The Princess Alexandra, Northampton

The Queen Adelaide, Northampton

The Queen Eleanor, Northampton

The Queen of Hearts, Daventry

The Queens Arms, Kettering

The Queens Head, Wellingborough

The Queens Head, Rushden

The Queens Head Inn, Peterborough

The Railway Inn, Rushden

The Ranelagh Arms, Wellingborough

The Red Lion, Wellingborough

The Red Lion, Daventry

The Red Lion, Wellingborough

The Red Lion, Kettering

The Red Lion, Northampton

The Red Lion, Northampton

The Red Lion, Peterborough

The Red Lion, Spilsby

The Red Lion, Brackley

The Red Lion, Northampton

The Red Lion, Peterborough

The Red Well, Wellingborough

The Rising Sun, Wellingborough

The Rockin Horse (sic), Towcester

The Rockingham Arms, Corby

The Romany, Northampton

The Romer Arms, Daventry

The Rose & Crown , Northampton

The Rose & Crown, Peterborough

The Rose & Crown, Kettering

The Rose & Crown, Rushden

The Rose & Crown @ Yardley Hastings, Northampton

The Rose and Crown, Peterborough

The Royal Hotel, Kettering

The Royal Oak, Northampton

The Royal Oak , Northampton

The Royal Oak, Spilsby

The Royal Oak, Wellingborough

The Royal Oak, Northampton

The Royal Oak, Daventry

The Ruddy Duck, Peterborough

The Samuel Lloyd, Corby

The Samuel Pepys, Kettering

The Saracens Head, Northampton

The Saracens Head Inn, Daventry

The Saxon Crown, Corby

The Sevens, Northampton

The Shire Horse, Kettering

The Shoulder Of Mutton, Corby

The Shuckburgh Arms, Peterborough

The Shuckburgh Arms @ Southwick, Peterborough

The Silver Horse, Northampton

The Sir Henry Royce, Peterborough

The Sir Pickering Phipps, Northampton

The Snooty Fox, Kettering

The Solstice, Peterborough

The Spencer Arms, Northampton

The Spinney Hill, Northampton

The Sportsman, Peterborough

The Spread Eagle, Northampton

The Spread Eagle, Northampton

The Spread Eagle, Corby

The Stags Head, Northampton

The Stags Head, Wellingborough

The Star & Garter, Wellingborough

The Stirrup Cup, Kettering

The Stratton Arms, Brackley

The Straw Bear, Peterborough

The Sun Inn, Northampton

The Sundew, Kettering

The Swan, Northampton

The Swan, Rushden

The Swan & Helmet, Northampton

The Swinging Sporran, Northampton

The Talisman, Corby

The Thomas a Becket, Northampton

The Thornhill Arms, Kettering

The Three Cocks, Kettering

The Three Cranes, Kettering

The Three Horseshoes, Peterborough

The Three Horseshoes, Northampton

The Three Horseshoes, Peterborough

The Tollemache Arms (The Tolly), Northampton

The Trading Post, Kettering

The Trumpet, Northampton

The Turnpike, Northampton

The Vane Arms, Kettering

The Viking, Rushden

The Volunteer, Wellingborough

The Volunteer, Northampton

The Waggon & Horses, Peterborough

The Waggon & Horses, Kettering

The Walnut Tree, Peterborough

The Warren, Kettering

The Wayfarers Inn, Kettering

The Wharf, Northampton

The Wheatsheaf, Northampton

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Daventry

The Wheatsheaf Inn, Kettering

The White Elephant, Northampton

The White Hart, Northampton

The White Hart, Northampton

The White Hart, Corby

The White Hart, Kettering

The White Hart, Towcester

The White Hart @ Hackleton, Northampton

The White Horse, Towcester

The White Horse, Northampton

The White Horse, Daventry

The White Horse @ Baston, Peterborough

The White Lion, Kettering

The White Lion, Northampton

The White Swan, Peterborough

The White Swan, Corby

The Whittle (Way), Peterborough

The Whyte Melville, Northampton

The Wig & Pen, Northampton

The Windhover, Northampton

The Windmill, Northampton

The Windmill, Peterborough

The Windmill Inn, Daventry

The Witch & Sow, Northampton

The Wollaston Inn, Wellingborough

The Wooden Walls of Old England, Northampton

The Woolcomber, Kettering

The Woolpack, Kettering

The Woolpack, Peterborough

The World Upside Down, Wellingborough

The Wortley Almshouses, Peterborough

The Yard of Ale (ex New Inn), Peterborough

The Yards Bar & Grill, Kettering

The Yeoman of England, Northampton

Thomas A Becket, Northampton

Towcester Mill Brewery, Towcester

Welcome Inn, Rushden

White Horse, Rushden

Woodford Mill Tea Rooms, Kettering

Yeoman of England, Northampton

Althorp House, Northampton

Bede House, Rushden

Brampton Grange, Northampton

Burton Latimer Hall, Kettering

Castle Ashby, Northampton

Courteenhall Estate, Northampton

Cranford Hall, Kettering

Crockwell Farm, Daventry

Deene Park, Corby

Delapre Abbey - Events, Northampton

Dodford Manor, Northampton

Dodmoor House, Northampton

Hunsbury Hill Centre, Northampton

Kelmarsh Hall, Northampton

Kettering Corn Market Hall, Kettering

Nene Hall, Daventry

Old Barns, Kettering

Pipewell Hall, Kettering

Saxon Hall, Wellingborough

Slapton Manor, Towcester

Stoke Park Pavilions, Towcester

West Park House, Towcester

Wood Farm, Daventry

Abington Community Centre, Northampton

All Saints Church Rooms, Northampton

Alliston Gardens Youth & Community Centre, Northampton

Barton Seagrave Community Centre, Kettering

Beanfield Centre, Corby

Bellinge Community Centre, Northampton

Blackthorn Community Centre, Northampton

Blacky More Community Centre, Northampton

Blakesley Village Hall, Towcester

Blisworth Village Hall, Northampton

Boddington Village Hall, Daventry

Boothville Community Hall, Northampton

Boughton Village Hall, Northampton

Brackley Guide & WI Hall, Brackley

Braunston Village Hall, Daventry

Briar Hill Community Centre, Northampton

Brigstock Village Hall, Kettering

Brixworth Centre, Northampton

Brixworth Library & Community Centre, Northampton

Brixworth Village Hall, Northampton

Broughton Village Hall, Kettering

Bugbrooke Sports & Comm Centre, Northampton

Burton Latimer Community (Recreation) Centre, Kettering

Byfield Village Hall & Club, Daventry

Camp Hill Community Centre, Northampton

Cardea Community Sports Association Pavilion (CCSA), Peterborough

Christie Hall, Peterborough

Cogenhoe & Whiston Village Hall, Northampton

Collingtree Village Hall, Northampton

Colonel Dane Memorial Hall, Peterborough

Cottesbrooke Village Hall, Northampton

Counties Community Centre, Kettering

Cranford Village Hall, Kettering

Crescents Community Centre, Kettering

Cripps Recreation Centre, Northampton

Croughton Village Hall, Brackley

Crow Hill Community Centre, Wellingborough

Culworth Village Hall, Banbury

Dallington Village Hall (Old School), Northampton

Daventry Brass Band Hall, Daventry

Daventry Community Centre, Daventry

Denford Village Hall, Kettering

Denton Village Hall, Northampton

Donald Greaves Hall, Corby

Dryden Hall (Farndon Room), Daventry

Duston Community Centre, Northampton

Duston United Reformed Church Hall, Northampton

Duston Village Hall (Institute), Northampton

Eden Centre, Kettering

Evenley Village Hall, Brackley

Far Cotton Recreation Centre, Northampton

Fernie Fields Community Centre, Northampton

Finedon Community Centre, Wellingborough

Flore Millennium Hall, Northampton

Flore Village Hall, Northampton

Foxfield Pavilion, Northampton

Francis Giffen Memorial Hall, Kettering

Gayton Village Hall, Northampton

Geddington Village Hall, Kettering

George Alcock Centre, Peterborough

Glamis Hall, Wellingborough

Grafton Regis Village Hall, Towcester

Grafton Underwood Village Hall, Kettering

Grange Park Community Centre, Northampton

Great Doddington Memorial Hall, Wellingborough

Great Houghton Village Hall, Northampton

Great Oakley Village Hall, Corby

Greens Norton Community Centre, Towcester

Greens Norton Village Hall, Towcester

Gretton Village Hall, Corby

Hackleton Village Hall, Northampton

Hardingstone Village Hall, Northampton

Harlestone Village Institute, Northampton

Harpole Old School Hall, Northampton

Harringworth Village Hall, Corby

Hartwell Community Centre, Northampton

Helmdon Reading Rooms, Brackley

Hemmingwell Community & Skills Centre, Wellingborough

Hensman Hall, Rushden

Highfield Barnes Community Centre, Kettering

Highfield Community Centre, Kettering

Holcot Village Hall, Northampton

Holy Trinity & St Pauls Church, Northampton

Irchester Village Hall, Wellingborough

Ise Valley Pavilion, Kettering

Ise-Lodge Community Centre, Kettering

Isham Village Hall, Kettering

Islip Village Hall, Kettering

Kingsthorpe Community Centre, Northampton

Kislingbury Village Hall, Northampton

Little Harrowden Village Hall, Wellingborough

Little Houghton Village Hall, Northampton

Little Oakley Village Hall, Corby

Lodge Farm Community Centre, Northampton

Lois Weedon Village Hall, Towcester

Long Buckby Community Centre, Northampton

Marholm Village Hall, Peterborough

Melton Community Centre, Kettering

Milton Malsor Village Hall, Northampton

Moreton Pinkney Village Hall, Daventry

Naseby Village Hall, Northampton

Nether Hayford Village Hall, Northampton

North Park Pavilion, Kettering

Northampton Guildhall, Northampton

Northampton Road Pavilion, Kettering

Norton Village Hall, Daventry

Oakley Vale Community Centre, Corby

Old Village Community Centre, Corby

Old Village Hall, Northampton

Parish Church of All Saints Wellingborough, Wellingborough

Parklands Community Centre, Northampton

Parsons Hall, Wellingborough

Pastures Community Centre, Northampton

Pattishall Parish Hall, Towcester

Pitsford Village Hall, Northampton

Plaza Community Centre, Kettering

Queen Victoria Hall, Peterborough

Rectory Farm Community Centre, Northampton

Roade Village Hall, Northampton

Rockingham Road Pavilion, Kettering

Rothersthorpe Village Hall, Northampton

Rothwell Community Centre, Kettering

Semilong Community Centre, Northampton

Serbian Orthodox Memorial Hall, Corby

Shutlanger Village Hall, Towcester

Southfields Community Centre (Bob Purdy), Northampton

Spencer Dallington Comm Centre, Northampton

Springborough Community Centre, Northampton

St Crispin Community Centre, Northampton

St Davids Church Hall, Northampton

St James Community Centre, Northampton

St Marys Church Rooms, Northampton

St Peters Church Hall, Northampton

Standens Barn Community Centre, Northampton

Stanion Village Hall, Kettering

Stanwick Village Hall, Wellingborough

Staverton Village Hall, Daventry

Stephenson Way Community Centre, Corby

Syresham Village Hall, Brackley

Sywell Village Hall, Northampton

The Centre at Mawsley (TCAM), Kettering

The Grange, Peterborough

The Sargeant Memorial Hall, Northampton

The Tithe Barn, Wellingborough

Titchmarsh Pavilion, Kettering

Towcester Scout Hall, Towcester

Vernon Terrace Community Centre, Northampton

Vicarage Farm Community Centre, Wellingborough

Wadenhoe Village Hall, Peterborough

Walgrave Village Hall, Northampton

Weedon Village Hall, Northampton

Weekley Glebe Pavilion, Kettering

Wellingborough Afro Caribbean (Community) Centre, Wellingborough

Wellingborough Masonic Hall, Wellingborough

Welton Village Hall, Daventry

West Haddon Village Hall, Northampton

Westbury Village Hall, Brackley

Weston Favell Parish Hall, Northampton

Wollaston Village Hall, Wellingborough

Wooldale Centre, Northampton

Wooton Fields Community Centre, Northampton

Wootton Community & Sports Centre, Northampton

Yardley Gobion Village Hall, Towcester

Yardley Hastings Memorial Hall, Northampton

Yarwell Village Hall, Peterborough

Yelvertoft Village Hall, Northampton

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