Function rooms for hire in Northumberland

Alnmouth Ex-Servicemens Club, Alnwick

Alnmouth Village Golf Club, Alnwick

Alnwick Cricket Club, Alnwick

Alnwick Rugby Club, Alnwick

Alnwick Town Football Club, Alnwick

Alnwick Working Mens Club, Alnwick

Amble Lord Warkworth Masonic Hall, Morpeth

Ashington & Hirst Central Social Club (Mortimer), Ashington

Ashington Community Football Club, Ashington

Ashington Cricket Club, Ashington

Ashington Excelsior Social Club, Ashington

Ashington Masonic Hall, Ashington

Ashington Rugby Club, Ashington

Backstreet Central Club, Ashington

Bamburgh Castle Cricket Club, Bamburgh

Bank House Social Club, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

Bedlington Masonic Buildings, Bedlington

Bedlington Social Club, Bedlington

Bedlington Station WM Social Club, Bedlington

Bedlington Terriers FC, Bedlington

Bedlingtonshire Golf Club, Bedlington

Benedictine Social Centre (The Bene), Cramlington

Benton Conservative Club, Newcastle upon Tyne

Black & Gold Social Club, Berwick upon Tweed

Blyth & District United Services Club, Blyth

Blyth Comrades Club, Blyth

Blyth Cricket & Rugby Club, Blyth

Blyth Golf Club, Blyth

Blyth Masonic Buildings, Blyth

Blyth Sports & Social Club, Blyth

Blyth Town Football Club, Blyth

Bomarsund Social Club, Choppington

Burradon Social Club, Cramlington

Cambois (Miners Welfare) Club, Blyth

Camperdown Club, Cramlington

Corstopitum Social Club, Corbridge

Cowpen Coronation Social Club, Blyth

Cramlington Comrades Social Club, Cramlington

Cramlington Workmens Social Club, Cramlington

Dudley Social Club, Cramlington

East Hartford Social Club, Cramlington

Guide Post Working Mens Club, Choppington

Haltwhistle Comrades Social Club, Haltwhistle

Haltwhistle Conservative Club, Haltwhistle

Haltwhistle Masonic Hall, Haltwhistle

Haydonian Social Club, Hexham

Hexham & District Ex-Service Club, Hexham

Hexham Conservative Club, Hexham

Hexham Golf Club, Hexham

Hexham Leazes Cricket Club, Hexham

Hexham Masonic Hall, Hexham

Hexham Racecourse, Hexham

High Street Social Club, Blyth

Hirst Progressive Social Club, Ashington

Jubilee Centre (Spittal Residents Assn) (Jubilee Club), Berwick upon Tweed

Linton & Woodhorn Social Club, Ashington

Mickley Social Club, Stocksfield

Morpeth Comrades Club, Morpeth

Morpeth Conservative Club, Morpeth

Morpeth Golf Club, Morpeth

Morpeth Rugby Club, Morpeth

Netherton Social Club, Bedlington

New Hirst & District Club, Ashington

Newsham Victory Club, Blyth

Northern Social Club, Ashington

Ovington Social Club, Prudhoe

Pegswood Social Club, Morpeth

Pioneer Club, Cramlington

Prudhoe & District United Services Club, Prudhoe

Prudhoe & Mickley Unionist Club, Prudhoe

Prudhoe Working Mens Social Club, Prudhoe

Radcliffe Social (Workingmens) Club, Morpeth

Red Row Working Mens Club, Morpeth

Rothbury Golf Club, Morpeth

Royal British Legion Ashington, Ashington

Seahouses Ex-Service Social Club, Seahouses

Seghill Comrades Club, Cramlington

Seghill Social Club, Cramlington

Shankhouse Central Working Mens Club, Cramlington

Shilbottle Working Mens Club, Alnwick

Spittal Bowling Club, Berwick upon Tweed

St Matthews Catholic Social Club, Prudhoe

Stobhill Working Mens Club, Morpeth

Stobswood Welfare Recreation Club, Morpeth

Swarland Working Mens Club, Morpeth

The Bank House Social Club, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

The Seahorse, Blyth

Togston Terrace Social Club, Morpeth

Tweedmouth Bowling Club, Berwick upon Tweed

Tynedale Cricket (Sports) Club, Hexham

Tynedale Golf Club, Hexham

Tynedale Rugby Club, Corbridge

White House Unique Social Club, Ashington

Widdrington Station WM Club, Morpeth

Allenheads Inn, Hexham

Blenkinsop Castle Inn, Brampton

Charltons, Blyth

Elks Head, Hexham

Fell Em Doon, Ashington

Hirst Castle Pub, Ashington

Riverside Lodge, Morpeth

The Adam & Eve, Prudhoe

The Anchor Hotel, Hexham

The Anglers Arms, Morpeth

The Auction House, Berwick upon Tweed

The Bamburgh Castle Inn, Seahouses

The Black Bull, Bedlington

The Black Bull, Berwick upon Tweed

The Blake Arms, Cramlington

The Block & Tackle, Ashington

The Brewers Arms, Berwick upon Tweed

The Bridge End Inn, Prudhoe

The Brown Bear, Berwick upon Tweed

The Carts Bog Inn, Hexham

The Castle, Ashington

The Castle Hotel, Berwick upon Tweed

The Clef & Cask (ex The Hind), Cramlington

The Cook & Barker Inn, Morpeth

The Curfew, Berwick upon Tweed

The Dun Cow, Bedlington

The Elephant, Ashington

The Farriers Arms, Alnwick

The Fishers Arms, Berwick upon Tweed

The Fox Cover, Ashington

The Free Trade Inn, Berwick upon Tweed

The Gables, Blyth

The General Havelock Inn, Hexham

The Golden Eagle, Blyth

The Green, Cramlington

The Grove, Berwick upon Tweed

The Half Moon Inn, Choppington

The Hyrste Castle, Ashington

The Keel Row, Whitley Bay

The Kings Head Inn, Berwick upon Tweed

The Masons Arms, Berwick upon Tweed

The Meadow House, Berwick upon Tweed

The Miners, Ashington

The Phoenix Inn, Cramlington

The Plough, Cramlington

The Plough on the Hill, Berwick upon Tweed

The Port of Call, Blyth

The Portland Bar & Grill, Ashington

The Queens Arms Hotel, Hexham

The Queens Head, Berwick upon Tweed

The Railway Hotel, Hexham

The Ridley Arms, Morpeth

The Salmon Inn, Berwick upon Tweed

The Ship, Berwick upon Tweed

The Steamboat, Blyth

The Travellers Rest, Hexham

The Travellers Rest, Choppington

The White Horse, Berwick upon Tweed

The White Swan, Prudhoe

The White Swan, Morpeth

The Willow Tree, Blyth

The Woodhorn Grange, Ashington

Wellington Hotel, Riding Mill

Ye Olde Cross Inn, Ryton

Alnwick Castle - Events, Alnwick

Brinkburn Priory, Morpeth

Chillingham Castle, Alnwick

Cragside House, Morpeth

Doxford Barn, Alnwick

Ellingham Hall, Alnwick

Embleton Hall, Morpeth

Falstone Barns, Hexham

Ford Castle, Berwick upon Tweed

Guyzance Hall, Morpeth

Kirkley Hall, Newcastle upon Tyne

Lindisfarne Castle, Berwick upon Tweed

Middleton Hall, Belford

Newton Hall, Alnwick

Ridley Hall, Hexham

Wallington Hall, Morpeth

Woodhill Hall, Otterburn

Acomb Village Hall, Hexham

Allendale Village HallX, Hexham

Ancroft Memorial Hall, Berwick upon Tweed

Ashington Leisure Centre, Ashington

Bardon Mill & Henshaw Village Hall, Hexham

Beaconhill Community Centre, Cramlington

Bedlington Community Centre, Bedlington

Berwick Guildhall (Town Hall / Jail), Berwick upon Tweed

Briardale Community Centre, Blyth

Buffalo Community Centre, Blyth

Cambo Village Hall, Morpeth

Catton Village Hall, Hexham

Corbridge Parish Hall, Corbridge

Cramlington Village Community Centre, Cramlington

Cuddystone Hall, Wooler

East Hartford Community Centre, Cramlington

East Ord Village Hall, Berwick upon Tween

Embleton Village Hall, Alnwick

Etal Village Hall, Cornhill-on-Tweed

Hepscott Village Hall, Morpeth

Hexham Abbey, Hexham

Hexham Community Centre, Hexham

Hindmarsh Hall, Alnwick

Howick Village Hall, Alnwick

Langley Village Hall, Hexham

Linton Village Hall, Morpeth

Mayfields Community Centre, Cramlington

Morpeth Parish Hall, Morpeth

Nelson Social Club (Miners Welfare Comm Ctr), Cramlington

Newbiggin Sports & Community Centre, Newbiggin-by-the-Sea

Newbrough Town Hall, Hexham

Newton & Bywell Community Hall, Stocksfield

Norham Public Hall, Berwick upon Tweed

North Seaton Community Centre, Ashington

Northburn Community Centre, Cramlington

Northumberland Hall (Assembly Rooms), Alnwick

Pegswood Welfare Community Centre, Morpeth

Riding Mill Parish Hall, Riding Mill

Rothbury Jubilee Hall (Institute), Morpeth

Shilbottle Community Hall, Alnwick

Slaley Commemoration Hall, Hexham

South Beach Community Centre, Blyth

St Cuthberts Church Hall, Blyth

St Georges URC Church Hall, Morpeth

St Margarets Church Hall, Morpeth

Stakeford & Bomarsund Sports & Welfare Centre, Choppington

Stannington Village Hall, Morpeth

Torch Centre, Hexham

Wall Village Hall, Hexham

West Wylam Community Centre, Prudhoe

Whalton Village Hall, Morpeth

Widdrington Community Centre, Morpeth

Wylam Institute, Wylam

Youth Link Activity Centre, Blyth

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