Function rooms for hire in Derry

Banters, Limavady

Edgewater Hotel, Portstewart

Frank Owens Bar, Limavady

Glebe House, Coleraine

McCloskeys Bar, Coleraine

McKeevers Bar, Londonderry

McNultys Bar, Coleraine

Patsys Bar, Coleraine

Pitchers @ Foyle Golf Centre, Londonderry

Sandinos, Londonderry

The Anchor Bar, Portstewart

The Anglers Rest, Limavady

The Badgers Place, Londonderry

The Blackthorn Inn, Coleraine

The Castle Bar, Londonderry

The Castle Bar, Coleraine

The Clyde Bar, Coleraine

The Cove, Magherafelt

The Dry Dock, Magherafelt

The Hogs Head, Coleraine

The Iona Inn, Londonderry

The Marine Inn, Coleraine

The Market Bar, Coleraine

The Market Tavern, Magherafelt

The Old Courthouse, Coleraine

The Park (Bar), Londonderry

The Phoenix Bar, Londonderry

The Porterhouse, Coleraine

The Portstewart Arms, Portstewart

The Queens Arms, Coleraine

The Railway Arms, Coleraine

The Rocking Chair, Londonderry

The Temple Bar, Coleraine

The Thatch, Limavady

The Three Mile House, Londonderry

The Village Tavern, Coleraine

The Well, Limavady

Top Deck Bar, Portstewart

Villas Bar, Londonderry

W Gees Bar, Londonderry

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